New Apps Tutorial Series with Azama sensei, Morikawa sensei, and you!

Have you thought about implementing more online-based activities into your class activities?

Want to know which apps are more effective for your students’ needs and interests?

A new tutorial series will start in 2015

for Japanese teachers by Japanese teachers!

The AP Teacher Community for Japanese Language and Culture will present a series of online tutorial presentations, starting January 2015.  Azama-sensei from Salinas CA and Morikawa-sensei from San Francisco CA will share their classroom experiences with their favorite apps through the AP Teacher Community.  You can share your favorite apps, too!  Sign up now!  It’s FREE!  Through the Teacher Community, you can find more online resources and share your ideas with other sensei through online discussion!  Register now at

For more information, you can email Morikawa sensei at


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