We would like to show our appreciation to Japanese programs who are organizing events to advocate for their regional programs with a $50 grant. This offer is limited to one event per region, per year. Involvement must include at least 2 or more schools.
Please visit the following link to apply for this grant:

Are you presenting at the annual CLTA or ACTFL conferences this year? In order to show our appreciation for your contribution to CAJLT members, we are happy to offer $50 to each presenting group, upon completion of sharing your sessions’ resources and handouts with us. If you are sharing via sharing services such as Google Drive or Dropbox, please ensure that your files are set to “View Only” to avoid having your files accidentally altered.

Please visit the following link to apply for this stipend:


ACTFL に初めて又は久しぶりに参加される先生への援助:
金額:150ドル 8名(レジストレーション、ホテル代、交通費 どれでも構いません。)
応募方法: 次のリンクから応募してください。
ACTFL Stipend for 1st timers or those returning to ACTFL after a 3+ year absence:
Stipend: $150
8 awards
Award can be used towards conference registration, lodging, transportation costs.
Prerequisites: 1. Must be a CAJLT member with valid active membership.
                            2. Not receiving awards towards ACTFL from any other group/entity (e.g. TJSC, Japan Foundation, etc.).
                            3. A 1st-time ACTFL attendee this year, or have not attended ACTFL within the past 3 years.
                            4. Must write a report regarding attending ACTFL after the conference and submit to CAJLT.
Sign-up procedure: Please sign-up here:
Sign-ups: October 15th to October 30th, 2015. You will be notified via e-mail by November 18th, 2015 of your  potential selection.

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